Winter Hair Trends

Posted by in News | May 7, 2014

Brrrrrrrr it’s getting cold out there but the formal events just keep coming and coming. So what are the formal trends for the season?

The good thing about this winter is that the main style we are seeing over and over on the red carpet are braids, buns and plaits which means they are easy to re-create even at home.

Try not to braid the hair too tightly – looser braids always look more chic and effortless. Let a few pieces fall out around the front hairline and nape to maintain a soft look. Another thing to bear in mind is the positioning of the braids. If you are doing a braid on either side of the head then start them in different places so they don’t look too much like the ones mum did at school! For example, I often start one braid at the front hairline in front of the ear on one side, then I do the other side starting behind the ear. I braid until there is no more hair left, then with then I twist the two braids together into a side bun and secure with a few bobby pins.

It literally takes 10mins and is suitable for any long hair – curly, straight, thick or fine. You can even dress it up a little with a flower or a few interesting clips.

To finish I use Labelm hairspray to secure the style and tame any fly-aways. Labelm hairspray has a fantastic flexible hold and shine to make styles look natural and not too stiff so it’s perfect for these sort of styles. It’s also got an enviroshield complex which protects hair from the humidity in the summer and that annoying little sprinkle of rain in winter that makes our hair go from fab to frizz. Go Labelm!