Posted by in News | February 15, 2013

So its 2013 and already we have plans, plans and more plans! So much to do, so little time and so much fun to have!
I’ve been booking education and loads of competition work for us to get stuck into this year. Our first competition is an entry in the Fashion & Editorial and an entry in Mens’ Style photographic competition for Delorenzo. The prize is a photo shoot and a feature in Culture Magazine. The brief is to be on trend but also to incorporate future trends, which begs the question – what are the future trends?
We’ve been scouring magazines and hunting around online and have found some trends that will be hot, hot, hot this season! Balyage? GONE! Out and not hot anymore and may I be the first to say phew! It’s not that I dont love it but it’s been done and it’s over and it’s time for a change. The key to look out for is more definite and bolder colour. Balyage is more wishy washy and “lived in” and so was the boho style that went with it – think Nicole Richie or the Olsen twins.
Style is changing and being re-defined by the likes of strong, confident women like Nicky Minaj and Beyonce. Their style is sharper, bolder and more polished and demands a bolder hairstyle to match. Now we are seeing sharper haircuts, more solid colour and shorter hair for women so it’s time to be brave and lose those locks ladies:) Think Vidal Sassoon ready to wear precision cuts in solid colours like dark blueberry brown or amber. Think short bobs, smooth waves and groomed, sharp mens cuts.
Gone is the grunge, the messy hair and the disheveled looks of the 90’s and the noughties. We are seeing a re-emergence of shorter, glamourous haircuts reminiscent of the gangster men and flapper women of the 20’s. Even the upstyles are getting bigger, more polished and more defined. Instead of the loose swept up side buns, I’ve seen modern french rolls, beehives and top knots. (top knots are HUGE at the moment but will they be a flash in the pan?) People are being braver and bolder with a stronger sense of style and I just love it!
The other thing to look out for are bright neon hair colours. Thanks to Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj, girls are having some fun and being confident with vivid flashes of blue, red, pink, yellow and purple – woo hoo!
And boys? Lose the messy surfer grunge hair which looks like your drunk friend cut it at a party. Embrace the short back and sides and grow the top a little longer and wear it smooth or in a quiff but always groomed, never grungy. Think more Mad Men and less David Beckham faux hawk. Having said that, old Mr David B is sporting perfectly on trend hair at the moment (as usual) so he’s one to watch.
It’s time to lop that messy blondy/browny hair and opt for something more defined and bold. And don’t be afraid to play with some bright colours or a strong fringe – after all it’s only hair, it grows back, it can be changed and it’s meant to be fun so embrace it!