Posted by in News | October 2, 2013

The temperature is rising and the spring trends are hitting us. Woo Hoo! We cant wait to get into some blonde which is always the big colour of spring and summer. Ombre is a huge trend at the moment and it’s going to be BIG this year. The good thing about ombre techniques is that the majority of the blonde is through the underneath and ends of the hair which is the total opposite of the traditional foils where the majority of blonde is at the top. This is good for two reasons – 1) because it’s new, modern and different and the lightness of the blonde which falls mainly around the face and chin is very slimming and flattering to the face and makes your hair look longer.. Woo Hoo! And number two is better for you than it is for the hairdresser and that is that the regrowth is very minimal so you can get AGES out of an ombre. Great stuff!
So get with the new trend and Ombre Away!