label.m’s brand mission is to become the ultimate professional hairdressing range in the world – recognised by both the industry and clients’ for its edge-driven, fashion image.The philosophy is also fused by the creativity that stems from a highly influential International Artistic team who are the driving force behind all new product ideas for the creative work they do in terms of session work at London Fashion Week through to Window Advertising Campaigns.

Currently there are 53 high performance products, all formulated with ingredients derived from natural elements. The range incorporates a systematic approach known as the 4C’s – Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete and the overidding ethic is that products can be intermixed for a bespoke experience to care and styling.

Today label.m continues to broaden its huge influence across the world and current product development focus is very much set on the creation of new sub-ranges to enhance choice, whilst targeting specific client groups.

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