Posted by in News | November 20, 2012

On Monday Nov 12th Troy and I attended the launch of the Labelm for Toni and Guy 2012 collections.
In typical Labelm style, the venue was obscure, understated and unmarked! It was held in one of several industrial warehouses and rail yards in Everleigh – but which one?! After blundering around for a while, thinking we had the wrong location, we smelled cigarette smoke and turned a corner to see a group of guys and girls with sky high heels, amazing clothes and incredible hair – definitely hairdressers!
We found our Labelm rep Julian and knew we were in the right place. The cavernous warehouse was huge and derelict looking except for a few touches – just the right amount, typical Labelm, perfect every time! The crumbling brick walls and rusting iron was glammed up a touch with polished concrete floors and a red velvet curtain leading through to a slick and amazing looking catwalk and auditorium where the buzz from a huge crowd added to the excitement – gotta love it!
The collection showcased cuts and colours from the new Toni and Guy collections, all styled by Labelm. There were ready done models as well as look and learn sections done on stage by Labelm stylists. There was a huge multimedia screen showcasing the looks created for London Fashion Week while the models strutted their stuff underneath on the catwalk.
The thing I really loved about it was that the looks ranged from extreme avant garde 2ft high hair to ready to wear, accessible looks that I could easily see any of our clients having. The other thing I really enjoyed was that the industrial, urban setting was the perfect compliment to the hairstyle collection which borrowed from the urban nitty gritty of all eras – from the Elizabethan pompador made grungy to the new look gangster undercuts from the 20’s and the very on trend urban “hipster” hairstyles.
Check our facebook page for pics that I posted of the evening. Very inspirational and re – confirms for me why I love Labelm so much!